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Low Voltage Electronic IR Sensor Switch For LED Lighting 9613
    Publish time 2016-10-17 13:47    

This is low voltage sensor switch,ideal for use behind door or outside cabinets
Any reflection within the detection range would cause the status OFF of switch and ON when a motion is detected again

  • Size : L63*W10.8*H11.8mm
  • Rated Input Voltage : 12/24VDC
  • Rated Output Voltage : 12V/24VDC 
  • Max Output Power : 15W/30W
  • Detection Range : less than 2"(5cm) is recommended
  • Length Sensor Line : 2m 
  • Door Sensor Switch : 9613.153
  • Swipe Sensor Switch : 9613.155

Key Features : With two function sets, sensor by door or by hand waving. Available with memory function, in case of power failure, the device will return to its previous state prior to power cutoff.