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Max 60W Constant Voltage 12V LED Power Supply Switching LED Driver 9135
    Publish time 2016-10-17 13:50    

IP20 independent LED driver
Class ‖ protection against electric shock from direct and indirec contact
Comply with IEC EMC and safety requirement
Suitable for the supply of power LED and LED modules

100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

  • Size : L164*W48*H29mm
  • Operating output voltage(CV) : 12V/24V Max 60W
  • Operating output current(CC) : load 1050mA,1500mA(Max 60W)
  • Degree of accuracy : ±5%
  • IP Rating : IP20
  • Mounting : surface mounting, screw fixing included or with adhesive tape on the back
  • Standards : EN61347-1/EN61347-2-13/EN61000-3-2/EN61000-3-3/EN61547/EN62493/EN62384

Key Points : This driver has both constant voltage and constant current operating modes.